Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things I'm Loving!

To my poor, neglected blog,

I have abandoned you over the last few weeks, but NEVER FEAR! Things I'm Loving is BACK! Yahooo!

Whilst only having 2 weeks off over Christmas in London was weird, I love being up early to see the sky painted in beauty. Breath taking, delicious, natural beauty. Absolutely love it.

You say, lets get up early? I say, nay. You say, lets get up and watch the sunrise? I say, yay!
I love my moustache ring my friend got me from Singapore.

I'm loving (and still giggling at) one of the mugs I got for Christmas from a child at work.

I'm secretly loving that we played scrabble on new years eve...

I'm loving going to Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) and squeeling in delight at these treats! Has anyone from New Zealand heard of this chain of restaurants??

I'm loving walking over Tower Bridge. I don't know what it is, maybe it's iconic-ness, but it's nice.

I'm loving making sushi! A mix of the excitement of delicious ingredients added with the uncertainty of how they were actually going turn out, made it more scrumptious and fun!

I'm loving the gorgeous orchids at Columbia Rd flower market.

I'm loving making rice paper rolls jam packed full of goodness!

And lastly, I'm loving 2 more things. This evening's jet streak as the sun was setting, it's like someone is slicing through the sky to reveal this other world of beauty and colour; and the fact that the sun set at 4.30pm! A WHOLE half hour later! Yus!

I hope that jam-packed blog entry was worth the wait.

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  1. Fantastic list Nikki!
    I love the look of that kiwi-themed {?} gourmet burger kitchen.
    Never heard of them, but looks FAB.
    I felt the same about sailing UNDER tower bridge.
    London has so much history. I think that's pretty awe-inspiring for us "young" colonials.

    PS Vanessa is coming to stay tonite - she's back living in NZ. She said she really enjoyed meeting you and that you're "great". I said, I know. One day we will get to meet up IRL!

  2. Great selection of photos - good scrabble words!!! Looking forward to seeing the Tower Bridge in person later on this year XXX

  3. I LOVE sunsets
    I believe God paints them and is the greatest artist ever

    I have my bachelor in ECE :)

    I havent played scrabble in years

    also love the food on your post and the beautiful coloured flowers

  4. Thanks for sharing a little piece of your world....I am not sure that playing scrabble is all that bad a thing to do on New Years Eve.

  5. Wow - lots of awesome things to love!!! Never heard of GBK before - but sounds delish! Cracking up at that mug and totally drooling over your moustache ring!!