Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where for art thou?

Excuse number 1) I have been too busy

Excuse number 2) I have been too tired

Excuse number 3) I have had a massive creative block

Excuse number 4) I have been away

Enough of the excuses yeah? 

After nearly 2 months of no blogging, I know I know, I have made a conscience effort to start again.

There has been lots of blossom

I have captured the sun

I dropped a fortune cookie in my wine..

I went to Salisbury Cathedral, which is amazingly beautiful

I walked along the canal as the sun was setting in Woodborough

I blew a dandelion

I took one of my new favourite photos

I saw some choice mugs at a wee shop on Columbia Rd

I bought some Vegemite from the Pound store! Yes I'm a Vege girl, none of this Marmite business!

I got a new a bike for my birthday from my wonderful cousins

I started planting things with my house mate, these are the first to hatch. Only problem is, we can't remember what we planted where!

And in between the showers of rain today, I walked along a path that had been drizzled with petals. Delightful.

After what feels like a breath of fresh air, I am making my come back.

There will be fun.

There will be beauty.

There will be life.

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  1. Hooray! nice to see you back - great photos! XOX

  2. Wow, that "new favourite photo" is BEAUTIFUL.
    In fact a few of your pics made me gasp.
    I think that when you get a creative block you just need to post your amazing pictures.
    They are worth a thousand words after all!
    love to see you blogging again... xxx

  3. You lost me at "vegemite"... but won me again at the bike! Hello - having a read from Simoney's best in blog. Love the life you've captured!

  4. Loving this post! (popping in from Simoney's too)! I'm living in London too so it's fun to see another London blogger!