Monday, July 1, 2013

Grateful Monday - 01.07.2013

Over the weekend I was extremely grateful for the amazing sunshine we had here in London. Two days in a row - the joke's on us that that was our summer come and gone!

Me and Ceirios enjoyed a lovely picnic featuring the amazing pork sammies, wine and trashy magazines...

And I loved wearing my new-old £1 shorts off eBay!

Then on Sunday I came back from Sunday Roast at my good friend's house, and sat in the park again enjoying some more sun and wine!

It was the perfect way to start and end a weekend, despite a few little bumps in between!

I'm also super grateful for the support, encouragement and help from some lovely people who I work with when I've been super freaking stressed these last few weeks!

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  1. enjoy that sun while it lasts =)

  2. So lovely!!
    It's been pretty cold and miserable here... enjoy the sunshine while you're still on Blighty's shores, girl!