Thursday, November 3, 2011

Preference or OCD?

I distinctly remember in my first year of uni, being in a tutorial about maths in an early childhood setting, and how we can implement our everyday lives under this category.

I immediately said to myself. "Oh crap! I'm terrible at maths! I still don't know my times tables! What if she asks me a tricky question?!" I was surprised what things fell under this category. But this is where I became stumped.

I was one of the last to share something organised about my life, and after hearing how people make sure all their washing is hung up with the same coloured pegs, or how they have to have their tv volume on an odd/even number, keeping in mind I was 17 with hardly a care in the world, I couldn't for the life of me think of something. 

So I told the tutor, "Well, I don't really think I have any sort of organisation in my life" and I just sat there waiting for her to move on. But she didn't. She poked and prodded about everything I did, to pull some organisational factor out. "What time do you get up in the morning?" "Whenever my mum would wake me up..." "How do you get to university? Surely you'd have to work out some sort of time table?" "I wait for a text from my friend who picks me up in her car and just hope I'm ready by then..." and so it went on. And in the end she gave up and I was that no-hope student who wouldn't make it past the 1st semester. 

Times have changed. I now realise that I prefer to have my shower then my breakfast. I prefer to hang my socks up in pairs so they're easier to put away. I prefer to make sure I wash my hair every second day - not just when it looks like it needs a wash. I prefer to get up for work 45 minutes to an hour before I need to leave to allow time for things that might pop reading, facebook checking... I prefer to brush my teeth, wash my face, then go to the toilet before I go to bed. That is how it's done. 

So are they just preferences, or have I gotten too caught up in everyday life? Now that I'm a big grown up...ahem... What are your 'OCD' things that HAVE to be done?

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  1. This is a GREAT post and it is certainly getting me thinking about my 'ways' of doing certain things. I'll get back to you :-)