Saturday, November 5, 2011

Things I'm Loving!

This week I'm loving...

I always dream. In colour. But the last few nights I've had the weirdest vivid dreams on earth!
I dreamt on Tuesday night that I was fat. Not just a little bit chubby, but so fat that I couldn't walk. My brain trying to tell me something?
I dreamt on Wednesday night that I kept spitting every where. Like every two seconds. Then I woke up and my face was saturated in my own spit!
And then on Thursday night I dreamt that one of my flat mates had put all these weird green bugs all over the walls in my bedroom. But when I woke up and went to the bathroom to shower, every shadow and mark looked like these bugs. It was sooooooo odd!!

Cheap goodness is my favourite! This week I've scored some choice pj bottoms, a gorge jersey, some brill fox gloves, and some socks!

Goats Cheese
As I'm in love with cheese, and not being able to eat dairy, things kinda sucked for a while. But never fear, I found the most yummest cheese! I can eat a whole roll in a sitting if I let myself...

This might be a sheep (I can't remember) but it's from Spitafields City Farm!

Spitafields City Farm
City farms are brilliant. Here's a few snaps from our trip there today.

Chickens are evil. I only like to eat them.

And then there's hilarious video of the pigs. Man did they snort and squeak! I snorted along and I'm certain they answered me!

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  1. Loving the cute farm animals!! My hubby had the strangest dream the other night - we had an extra son and he was half human and half our pet cat!!

  2. LOVE Primark!
    Brilliant for bargains and kids clothes.
    I know its not all that cool in the UK to admit that, but its OK, we are KIWIS!