Friday, December 9, 2011

Things I'm Loving!

This week I'm loving...

This song. By far my new favourite.

I'm loving this sky. And lying on the concrete in 5 degrees with 10 children watching the clouds. It was fun. (other teachers thought I was MAD!)

I'm loving having an ACTUAL wardrobe. Not just a floordrobe, but a for real life wooden wardrobe!

I'm loving my Christmas jumper! I wore it today for my school's Christmas lunch, where the parents get to come in and have school dinners! Was so much fun!

I look like I've packed on the pounds, in actual fact, I haven't. It's just the amount of layers I have on!

I'm loving that there's only 8 days left of term before I break up for Christmas.

I'm loving Christmas cards. Keep 'em rolling!

I'm loving friendships. Loving and kind words from Meg, and loving but funny words from my friend Tara from back in New Zealand. She wrote on facebook to me - "I wanna get really drunk with you. I miss partying with you. I miss looking after you cos you drank too much. And I miss feeling like crap with you the next day. I... miss you.."

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  1. Love your Christmas jumper and I've got one of those cool cards from Meg too!!!