Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordful Wednesday - In Rememberance of...

My wonderful Granny.

I miss our trips to the $2 shop where you'd give us $4 to spend. It would take me and my sister an hour to choose 2 things, and we were lucky if one of them was 2 for $2!

I miss playing rummy with you and using lollies to bet.

I miss your lolly jar that we'd always raid, and the bottles of Budget $1 fizz that we'd happily drink.

I miss you letting us staying up WAY past our bed times to watch CSI, and the threat that if we told our parents we wouldn't be able to stay again (I'm sure they already knew!)

I miss your 'whummel' that no-one else knows how to make. Note: it's said wa-mill. It's basically loads of gelatine with flavoured stuff and pineapple rings on top - it melted in your mouth!

I miss your shortbread and pancakes that we'd eat every Sunday we visited you. I also miss your amazing potatoes that I've never had any where else.

I miss that I used to only eat YOUR soup - and no one elses. It was simply the best.

With all these 'misses', I love how you have filled my world with knowledge, love and kindness. Whether it be knowing Scottish-slang, knowing how to gamble from a young age, the tips that you gave me on getting rid of my pimples (putting your first pee of the day on a cotton bud and gently dabbing your spot - needless to say I have NEVER tried this!) or just simply the fact that you were secretly racist note: I dyed my hair quite dark one time, and my Granny told me that I looked like a Maori and had to dye it back HAHA! 

I have been thinking of you today, on the day that marks the 4th year of your passing. It was a hectic 6 weeks, with a sick aunty and finishing 7th form, but I am glad I visited you at the hospital EVERY day.

I love and treasure all the times we spent together.

Always in our thoughts, forever in our hearts. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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