Thursday, June 7, 2012

A whole lotta loving!

Once again, I've been slack on the blogging front. I have a long list of excuses, but none of them quite cut it.

So here's my loving from the past month..

My friend Mel and I had a 'kiwi' night in!

I celebrated being in London for 1 year on the 26th. It is a huge milestone for me and I celebrated with style! Friends, shopping, pub, dinner, drinks and sun. Perfection.

I went to an all night PJ and movie party at Prince Charles Cinema in Soho, and as we left we walked to Trafalgar Square, down The Mall, and along the Thames.

I celebrated the jubilee weekend by seeing the flotilla and going to Hyde Park to watch the Queen's procession from Westminster to Buckingham Palace on a big screen.

And my awesome friend Jessie stayed with me for a few nights before she embarks on a new journey! I had an absolute awesome time catching up with her and acting like we were 16 again!

And I forgot to say earlier - my flatmate and I bought a trampoline! We both never had one as kids so we couldn't pass up the opportunity when it was on sale for £56 instead of £189! It's almost like daylight robbery!
And just because you've been bombarded by photos, I'll add one more. 

All the pictures were edited or collaged by PicMonkey thanks to Simone's great discovery - 2 shout outs in 2 posts? lucky girl!

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  1. Awesome photos - but you make me miss London! Love that you had a kiwi night in, and that you bought a trampoline - £56 is a steal!! Happy bouncing :)

  2. Oh wow, so much fun and congrats on your milestone 1st year in London! Looks like a perfect way to celebrate.

    And I absolutely LOVE that last photo! Cool editing!

  3. What an amazing amount of loving in this here post! Love all your Kiwiana treats, and how fantastic it must be to have been living in London this past week - wow! Loving that you bought a trampoline - how could you not at such a bargain! That last pic is pretty CHOICE too to coin a Nikki-ism :-)