Thursday, September 13, 2012

Things I'm Loving!

This week I'm loving...

The All Talk app

It's a super fun app, where you're given a word and you have to describe that particular word without saying other words... Sounds a bit confusing but it's such a fun game! I think you should all get it and then play it with me! It's an iPhone and android app so we have the best of both worlds here.

My new job

Like I said in my post earlier on in the week, it's about grabbing life by the balls. I know it's not going to be easy, but I'm ready for this major challenge. What makes it a bit more fun is getting the kids to try and say my name, mainstream nursery and the unit nursery kids! So far I've had: Miss Cluck, Miss Clock, Miss Dark, Miss Lark, Miss Luck, but not Miss Clark like it should be!

All about me

My updated 'all about me' page on my blog. I was long over due for a re-write, my whole blog is due for a makeover! But I put one of my new favourite photos on there. Hope you like it!

Watch this space

You should all keep your eyes out and open, cos someone might be having a guest blogpost on someone elses blog. Just sayin'.

The Kindle app

I love reading (finally say my parents!) and it's a lot handier to have the app on my phone. I do have a Kindle, but sometimes I forget to take it with me. This app is great as it syncs to your Kindle and updates exactly where you're up to in your book on both devices! Sooo technical!

2 Broke Girls

Holy macaroni, if you haven't watched this TV series - you must! It's soooooo hilarious and inappropriate but absolutely fabulous! Basically, there are 2 Broke Girls who work in a diner and want to start up a cupcake business. Max has been brought up with a very 'different' upbringing where as Caroline has had everything she ever needed at her fingertips due to the wealth of her father. Until he's sent to jail for being a fraudster. I can't describe how funny it is, I think you should all just watch it!

This song

This was my summer song when I was on Kapas Island in Malaysia. It's perfect. It's beautiful. And those lucky folk who are heading into Spring, should start pumping this song when the sun is shining and I guarantee it'll lift your mood! I listen to it everyday (when I have to test the hearing aids in my class) it's just brill.

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  1. Loving your updated blog. That butterfly photo is WOWEE..totally amazing.

    I've downloaded the app...let's play!

  2. I remember when I began teaching and the smalls learning my name....I am sure with practice they will get it perfectly. In the mean time have a chuckle.x

  3. Great post, my blog needs a mega overhaul as well!!