Saturday, September 22, 2012

Things I'm Loving!

This week I'm loving...

The name game

I've been playing a new game with Starbucks. Each time I go, I change my name to mix things up a little bit! The first one was my dog Bella's name! The second was my old dog Molly. The third time when I went in for the kill Gertrude, I was too exhausted and craving coffee that I couldn't even count out my money properly, let alone give a fake name. Next time!

My leather jacket
My Dad bought me this jacket from Camden on their last day in London! Lucky me! And as it's been getting a bit chilly in the mornings here, it's had it's fair share of outings already!

Weird London Cafes

I was hungover when I saw this, and really couldn't think of anything worse!


I've been looking after Keith for the last 8 days whilst my cousins have been away. He's such a dream! And an egg, which made this photo even more hilarious!

My track record for baking with my kids isn't exactly great. It's never been great. I think the only time there was success was on my last day at Early Years before I moved to London where we made a cake. Yesterday I attempted ginger bread men and some left over biscuits. Lets just say the kitchen was lucky not to have been burnt down. The result...


I like to think of them not as goodbyes, but just a 'I'll see you in a year or two'. I farewelled my friend Megan last weekend, as she was moving back to Australia. It was a lovely night... from what I remember of it! p.s I'm still sporting my Malaysia tan!


I stumbled - literally nearly stood on it - upon this wee froggy at my cousins this morning. A frog in London? Yeah, it got me too!


Next Tuesday my gorgeous friend Rachel is coming over to London! She'll be staying with me for a bit and we're hopefully going to go flatting together! I haven't seen her since she saw me off at the airport a year and a half ago, so the excitement levels are extremely high!

Speech time at my 21st.
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  1. Oh dear to the baking?! Keith looks like such a fun cat and that's an awesome specimen of a frog!!!

  2. That frog looks like it needed rescuing....the baking looks like it could have been yummy hehehe. x