Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Malaysia: Part 2. The best part.

As I sit here, looking at my increasingly fading tan, it has dawned on me that nearly two months have passed since I wrote Malaysia part 1 and it's been just over 3 months since I returned from that wonderful journey.

Kapas Island.

One might call it beauty, the other a serene island, where island time is the only time. 

We kayaked over to Gem Island which has a turtle sanctuary on it. 
I was lucky enough to see some real magic happen. 
These little babes hatched into 12 turtles that we got to put into the enclosure! 

The poor wee things kept flipping over!

Look at them!!

The owner of the beach chalets we stayed in, asked if we wanted to paint our dorm room wall. Of course!
 So I added my Kiwi Girl touch, and then proceeded to ruin it with a weird-out-of-proportion Kiwi.

Pohutukawa flowers falling down to the sand where the Kiwi sits. They can always paint over it!

I enjoyed endless walks on the beach...

Watching some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever laid my eyes on...

Especially after a storm with thunder so incredible and rain so heavy, that we dared ourselves to go in to the sea for a swim, letting the true badass come out in us. 

We watched fire poi 

Drank fresh apple juice out of jar mugs,

And drank and ate fresh coconut!

I went swimming every day (at least 5 times), tried out and fell in love with snorkeling - despite cutting my leg on the coral and getting circled by 3 sharks! - watching movies on the beach, making new friends, getting a sweet tan, going into the local town on the mainland by boat to try out their cuisine and buy supplies.

 and then enduring the longest 8 hour bus ride back to Kuala Lumpur, followed by the two bumpiest plane rides I've had in my life.

So long Kapas Island. You were my favourite.

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  1. What a fantastic holiday! Love it all. You look HOT in that picture with the I allowed to say that...LOL!