Saturday, October 27, 2012

Things I'm Loving!

This week I'm loving...

My Osteopath
I went to the osteopath last week due to an excruciatingly sore back. Jean is lovely and really wants to get to the bottom of why my pelvis keeps twisting!

More new shoes
I've figured out that each winter season I acquire a new obsession love for something. Scarves, bags, shoes, scarves again and now it's shoes again. I am in total love with my new pixie-like shoes!

I'm an all seasons kinda girl, I just get amongst it and get on with life. Sure I love the sunshine, but I love the Autumn leaves, the spring flowers and the winter snow!

Hazy Surprises
On Wednesday the clouds were so low all day. It was kind of fun. I love this shot from Tower Bridge looking towards South London.

We all know by now that I love gin. I found these pre-mixed cans, I'm always up for trying something new, and these are amazeballs! 

I bought some felt off eBay to make a story board for Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. It arrived, is great, and only cost me £3!

Tube Advertising
I saw this on the tube today and could not stop laughing. Well done Nandos! Top notch!

Forgotten Gems
I remember taking this photo when I was in Malaysia at the Kuala Lumpur National Museum. I really loved it at the time and still love it now!

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  1. As always, you make me smile and giggle with your choice of words missy. McChoice is a new one for me! Do let me know where you got that felt from...I'm in the market for some big bits to make a felt Christmas tree :-)