Saturday, April 5, 2014

That time we played in the sunshine

Last weekend we had a lovely Spring day which was fun to share with a lovely lady! My friend Erin and I met up at one of my favourite New Zealand cafes - The Long White Cloud. We ate, chatted, drank one of the best flat whites in London, then left to embrace the glorious sunshine! 
There's about a 100% chance I walked out of the cafe, hands in the air, twirling around, shouting saying "What a GLORIOUS day!". Sometimes, you just gotta. 

Our goal was to get to London Fields to sit in the sun. 

First stop: Hackney City Farm

I love city farms! The chickens scare me, but sometimes they look like they're wearing harem pants, so it's ok.

The pigs are so huge, they could supply you with a years worth of bacon. 

The goats are pretty suave. 

And those wee donkeys, they're just so cute and fluffy. And have really big willies!

Next stop: Broadway Market

We mooched on up to Broadway Market after our farm excitement. 

After battling the use of the footpath with some cheeky, scary, annoying squirrels, who really were out to get us, we made it to the hustle and bustle of proper hipster town. 

Broadway Market has been around since the early 1900's and was filled with an eclectic range of goods and people! 

Next stop: London Fields

After treating ourselves to an ice block and a cider, we sat in the park with every other hipster in East London. That in itself is an experience and a half! It was the perfect place to people watch! and creep on the hipsters!

We left the park at that perfect time - the sun was going down, the hipsters were overwhelming, and the canal was calling our names!

We strolled back to Angel via the canal, and it was the perfect ending to a perfect day! 

I love London on days like these! 

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  1. You make London look GOOOOOOOOOOOD! What a fun day, and yay for Spring finally making an appearance xx