Saturday, March 22, 2014

Things I'm Loving - the sunshine edition!

Another week, another list of loving!

First things first, this is my new turn-up song - Wings by Little Mix

After working my first full week in year one with the deaf kids, I'm completely wiped! It's a massive challenge that I'm not really enjoying, but there's seven more days of it for me to complete before I start the course properly to get my QTS. So it's been hard but nice to find the lovings this week.

The sun has been a-shining over here this week. It was a lush little treat to sit in the park with my neighbour on Sunday, catching some rays and enjoying the view of nature in full swing!

With the daffodils in full bloom and the blossoms starting to show themselves, my walk to and from work has had a slight, but pleasant, change! 

 This is one of my all time favourite buildings in London. And more so when the sun is shining on it! As you can see, I've snapped it a few times, it's that awesome!

This isn't quite sun related, however it is bright yellow... Basically my Mum sent me this photo via what's app, saying she had found it in a box of my stuff in their shed. I was 9 and it was for a 60's dress up day at school! 

There really are no words to describe it. I'll leave you to ponder if in fact I am a massive egg or not! 

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  1. Ah that beautiful blossom with that ray of sunshine streaming through, and I love the architecture just as much as you! Gorgeous loves, just like you xx