Saturday, March 1, 2014

That time I bought clothes and didn't try them on...

I'm pretty good at buying clothes and not trying them on, with the hopes that they'll always be the perfect fit and look good! Mainly this just comes from laziness, not wanting to queue* up in a changing room line thats a bajillion miles long, and the fact that I can't be bothered undressing then redressing then undressing then redressing again. So basically, it's mainly pure laziness.

Most of the time it's fine and I come out lucky. She says as she's standing in a new pair of jeans that weren't tried on and now need stretching before making it out in public. 

So I bought two new tops, both extremely cheap and both they both had horrible fits! I ummed and ahhed about whether it was worth taking them back to get a smaller size, realised that the effort that'd take for the £4 I spent on them, getting on a tube to Tottenham Court Road on a Saturday - defs not worth it!

So here comes the re-style! It was pretty easy and I loved the excuse to get my sewing machine out!

The first top I love! But it looked like a sack when it was on, and not a good sack. Sometimes I can get away with wearing something a bit baggier without looking massive, but this just didn't work! After sewing up the seams and making little gathers, I have a pretty awesome new style of top! 

The second top I was sold on the fact it has a cute wee peter pan collar and stripes. But it was waaaay to big around the waist and hip parts and just didn't look right. Insert some darts and taking it in a bit and boom - we have a wearable fun top! 

One might say I'd learn from my mistakes, but in this case - I never do. 

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*I just figured out after googling that the word 'queue' is spelt like that; not 'que'. And that UK prefers 'spelt' where the US prefer spelled. 

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  1. Lovely restyling and smiling over the spelling �� uk vs us gets me every time

  2. Haha I love the word queue! Great job on those tops! Looking forward to seeing a wee pic of them on to show us your great skills!