Friday, September 9, 2011

Things I'm Loving!

I'm back in business baby!

It has been the busiest week EVER! Working 9-10 hours a day is definitely not my forte! The work load is never ending! And it's only going to get WORSE!

But never fear, here are my lovings this week!

I don't know why I'm going to love all this cutting out, but I think the down-time time in front of the t.v or catching up on Home and Away on youtube is really what I'm looking forward to!
(I got these off an awesome website called Mrs Pancake, loads of free learning and teaching resources on there for anyone!)

I actually cracked up laughing when I read this on the train to work on Thursday! Basically an elk got drunk off the fermenting apples and tried to climb the tree, got stuck, then when freed, comered out on the ground!

This is really sneaky, and I wouldn't like someone to take a photo of me when I was asleep, but it was sooo sweet! A mum and 2 sons sleeping on the tube! (the quality is bad, so does that make up for it?)

I'm also loving my Skype date with Meg tomorrow morning! Miss chatting to ya love!x

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  1. hehe at the elk!! Love your list. Hope you have a restful weekend. xoxo

  2. We had that elk picture here too!! Look on the bright side, you are getting paid =) xx