Sunday, November 18, 2012

A whole lot of lovin'!

This week I'm loving...

I'm a giver. I do like receiving too! I finished off the 2nd baby hat for my friend at work. Totally fell in love with how small they turned out and how cute they'll look on a wee babe's head!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to go to the Arsenal vs Fulham game. The atmosphere was awesome! 

I love doing free things. I went on a walk last weekend near the canal. And the sun set, we got some beautiful shots, and Autumn is in it's prime.

Reflections by the canal
The sun peaking through Tower Bridge

The silhouette of a statue - maybe a fav. 
Little play areas
We're doing Goldilocks and the 3 bears at the moment. It's a slow process to cover all the basics of the story (I plan on teaching the 1 book for 7 weeks... eeeeek!) But I love little role play areas for the kids. They absolutely love it and spend so much time there! 

My love for onesies
Onesies are amazing. Especially when you've come home from a long day at work, it's colder at night now, and you just want to put something cosy on. Boom. That's where the onesie comes in. I bought a new one which is sooo choice!! Yes, I did wear it to work for pj day. I'm choice like that! 

Oh my. Bacon is definitely one of my favourite things. So what better than bacon flavoured popcorn? I can sense some noses curling up at the idea, but it was delish! It tasted like Rashuns!

I'm on a huge crocheting buzz at the moment. I feel like my Mum when she's in a fabric shop, but with wool. I spent too much time in John Lewis' today just drooling looking at wool, and came out with these puppies. Keep watch, as there may or may not be a giveaway soon!

I had a coffee date with a friend who I hadn't seen in ages this morning. It was so awesome to have a good yarn over some amazing coffee! If you're in London, pop over to Speak Easy Coffee just off Carnaby St. Their soya flat whites are probably the best I've had in London so far! 

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  1. Loving your onesie - you are TOO cute Missy Giraffe, and those tower bridge pics are primo xx