Thursday, November 22, 2012

Things I'm Loving!!!

This week I'm loving...

This Song
Flowers in your hair - The Lumineers

Conversations at work
I was chatting to one of the office ladies this morning about how the kids have really fancy cell phones. It went like this...

Me - "It's crazy how these kids bring their phones to school. They don't even need them"
Office lady - "I know! I mean, they have really fancy ones. Like Blueberries and Samsongs"

I lost the plot with laughter. Absolute gold!

Love a good snack. Especially Sweet and salty popcorn!


I sent today, a special gift for a very special cousin who's having a very special birthday that I can't attend. You're gonna love it Soph!!!

I crocheted this bad ass rasta hat in a few hours! It's a bit wild, but my favourite colour!!

Whilst we're on the topic of colour, I'm totally loving my new dark purple hair! Also, check out how long it is!

Last weekend we went to the The Breakfast Club. AH-MAZE-ING. NEVER fails to impress. Ever. I had the bacon (of course) and banana french toast. Read it and salivate.

I had my first success at baking with my little kiddies! 
Ok, I lied a little bit. My T.A had to fix the mixture because it wouldn't stick, she worked her magic, chucked these in the oven, and voila! (only 4 out of 10 burnt!)

The wind
I never thought I'd say this having grown up in Wellington, but, I was big time loving the wind tonight! It reminded me of getting blown blissfully out of control around Courtenay Place. Ahhh, home away from home!

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  1. Loving the 'blueberries', loving the new hair - it is SOOOOOO long, and loving sweet and salty popcorn it's the best xx

  2. Not so sure about the popcorn... but love the hair and the rasta hat, maybe you should crochet them for pressies???? <3 <3