Sunday, June 23, 2013

Things I'm Loving!

This week I'm loving...

Pork Sammies
There's a wee 'market' down the road from my house each Saturday. There's an array of organic, homemade, delicious goodness to be bought; however, these pork sammies are definitely the best £4 you'll ever spend in your life.

Miss fix-it
So I lost my balance when I was standing on my bed, grabbed onto my blind, then this happened...

So I tied it up with wool in the interim...

And then on purchasing a new blind from Argos (keeping in mind that it was only £7 so I'm not actually that bothered), it turns out that the difference between inches and centimeters actually really does matter.

Massive egg moment

Tunisian Crochet

My mum mentioned Tunisian Crochet to me the other week when we were skyping, so then and there I bought a set of hooks off eBay for a measly £3! I tried it out last night and it's actually pretty simple! It's essentially a cross between knitting and crocheting! Pretty bon choice if you ask me!

'Tis the season...
For caterpillars at our school! We got them delivered in little pots that had special food at the bottom. There were 5 caterpillars, who merrily eat their food, wiggle on up to the top where they make the cocoon, and then it's up to an adult with extremely steady hands to transfer them into their net, where we'll be able to see them hatch! You give them sugar water on flowers and they eat that for a bit, and then you can release them back into the wild! Choice!

This week's clip

Oh my, this is soooo hilarious! A friend from work posted it onto my facebook the other day and it's absolute gold! Have a watch!

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  1. I nearly choked on my tea when I saw your Argos blind, hilarious! xo

  2. Ha ha you are an egg but I love you (the blind Nikki the blind that's all I gotta say!). And it's the lightest time of the year right now too - guess who's gonna be waking up at sparrows fart!!!