Sunday, May 4, 2014

Things I'm Loving!

During the last crazy-busy, hectic, unwell weeks, I've been loving...

Sun and cider!
Hanging out in Greenwich with the lovely Rachel, enjoying learning about stuff and then drinking wine as a reward! 

Baby chicks
We got some chicks for a few weeks at work! They arrived as 10 little eggs and we now have 9 cute-as-anything little chickies tweeting! It was pretty awesome seeing some of them hatch - it's pretty amazing to think a chick that big comes out of an egg that small! 

Catch ups
I was lucky enough to have a quick catch up with Lynnie over a bottle of wine! She was in London for a night before heading back to Melbourne. It was fun and hilarious chatting about the antics we'd get up to when we worked together in Wellington!

Apart from bananas being one of my favourite things and a pretty awesome superfood, turns out they also rule even more when they're on a pair of shoes! I've just gone and bought a second pair for when these 'run out'! 

Fresh sea air
A couple of weeks ago, Erin and I went to Brighton. It was my mission to go swimming and I made that happen. It was definitely freezing but coming from a girl who used to spend all summer at the beach or river, I was in desperate need of 'going for a dip'!

I really can't boast about how awesome Skype is, especially when my nearest and dearest are the furtherest away they could possibly be, nearly. I started this weekend with a conversation that lasted over two hours and covered a wide range of topics, with one of the most special people to me!

And lastly...
I'm in love with this song, this band, and all things them at the moment! 

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  1. Loved the Skype - I notice you didn't go into too much detail about our topics of conversation though :-p ha ha!