Thursday, May 29, 2014

Things I'm Loving!

My latest lovings are....

Celebrating my birthday
This year, I had a lovely 3 nights of celebrations! I went wining and dining with some of my nearest and dearest to Cottons Rhum Shack in Shoreditch, which was some seriously delicious Caribbean grub - and pretty strong Mojitios (which I accidentally mistook for a Margarita..)

My lovely cousins Martin and Dugald bought me 12 dozen ciders for my birthday...

My lovely friend Julia organised for a few of us to go and see Arc Iris. They're a freaking awesome band and were even awesomer in real life! 

And then of course I celebrated at a pub, The Hawley Arms which so happened to be the pub where Amy Winehouse used to hangout at!

Friends from NZ!
I've loved having Andre and Nic stay with my for a week before they went travelling for a few months! I grew up with Andre, he's more than a brother than a friend! 

Andre and I in 1993 and 2014!
Pretending to be a local showing these two around London!
London had what they might call 'a heatwave' the other week, so it was super lush to be able to sit in the park catching some sweet sweet rays!

Cherries that look like bums
There's no explanation needed!!!

Egg moments... there's always one
I've just come back from 5 days in Paris for my lovely Sara's hens weekend (more on that soon!). We had secretly organised to all get Disney t-shirts for when we go to Disneyland as a surprise for Sara. Mine I ordered online didn't arrive in time, so a rush to Primark the night before we left was needed! Low and behold - we couldn't find them anywhere! Then when we did, the 10 looked massive, so did the 8 (they were baggy style t-shirts) so I thought, well yeah I can squeeze into a 6, especially if they're meant to be really baggy! As the man was folding it to put into the bag, the top just looked a little bit strange. As Cara and I were waiting for our train back home, it dawned on me that it was the neckhole - it was sooo tiny and there was nooo way my massive head was going to fit through it! Luckily I was able to cut it bigger at home, as well as cut a big hole in the back... and then I could get it on!

The photo doesn't do the original size any justice, but you can get the jist from the size of the label to the size of the actual hole!
Note to self : just get your normal size and deal with having a baggy t-shirt.

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  1. Love your loves - that is a shed load of cider - pace yourself! Love the 1993 vs now pics - adorable and the fact it was warm enough for a picnic - big bonus! Looks like your trip to Paree was awesome too xx