Monday, June 9, 2014

Things I'm Loving!!

This week I'm loving...

I've said it before and I'll continue to say it again - this place was more than awesome! p.s so was my Pluto hat..

Gluten and dairy free goodness
I went into Planet Organic the other week to buy some more magnesium supplements and whilst I was at the counter, I came across a to-good-to-be-true muffin. Boy was it delicious!! It's times like these, where I'll pay £2.99 for a muffin that I can eat and be sooo simply happy about it all!

New Shoes
I've been mega loving on these new shoes from Asos so much that I bought a pair! 

Admittedly, I've just bought a second pair for when they 'run out'. They're the prefect white leather spring shoes!

Pavement Parties
Whilst walking to work the other morning, after a glorious sunny weekend, my inner child in me couldn't help pass up the opportunity to skip, hop and a jump, along the hop scotch drawn by some sweet children!

It's also been a week of high-waisted skirts and plimsolls!

Studying in the sun
I knew my inner self would be mad as heck if I didn't exit my house when it was 23 degrees. The downfall was was that I was studying for my literacy and numeracy skills tests (which are the biggest ball ache ever and a complete waste of time - well they allow me to get my UK teachers' registration - so not all wasted - but still unnecessary!) so after a knock on the door from my lovely neighbour, we both mooched on down to the park, so I could study in the sun and she could have a nap. It was a win win situation if you ask me! I got quite a bit of study done and got quite a bit of sun on the ol' shoulders and back who have been very deprived of vitamin D having had three winters in a row!

Oh, and I was also able to take some sneaky fun shots!

Part of the studying has paid off! I passed my literacy skills test today!!!! I was so proud and happy! I just need to keep the positive headspace, the motivation to continue studying, and the will to need to keep it all going for my maths test next week - needless to say, maths is definitely not my strong point! However, the social calendar is sacrificing so I can hopefully pass it in one test - not three!

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  1. Love your lovings.....only you could rock a hat like that. Big congrats on passing your exam, and keep believing in yourself for the Maths one - you CAN DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IT!