Thursday, July 3, 2014

Life's Latest

In between remaining a human, working full time and still trying to enjoy life... Here's what I've been up to lately!!

I have now passed both my maths and literacy skills tests! The literacy wasn't too hard, it was more the nerves that got in the way! The maths on the other hand - well that threw me. It's not my strong point at all and it was and is up there with one of my all time proudest moments!

Now that that's out of the way, I can very happily also say that I've been pretty lucky to be accepted onto the Teacher of the Deaf course! I have been lucky enough to have this opportunity - so bring on the next two years! Yes, that's two more definite years in London (sorry parentals!) but I cannot wait! And better yet - I get to do it with a pretty cool chick who I work with too!!

Lapping up the sun at any chance I can get has been pretty bon - especially when it's with some pretty choice people!

Making Pimms has been fun! Drinking it was even better!

Getting disposable cameras developed to have lifetime memories of an amazing trip to Paris was heaps choice!

Now I have the anxious wait for tomorrow's second to last observation and portfolio to hand in before I'm a registered teacher in the UK. Eeeeek!

Wish me luck!

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  1. Well done Nikki worth the effort! With love from your proud parentals xxxxx