Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The holidays are here!

The summer holidays have sped around that long corner of a school year and I now have a glorious five and a half weeks off! 

This school year has definitely been my favourite one out of the last three, but it didn't come without a stressful cost. I sat and passed my GSCE Maths exam and managed to sit and pass two more exams in English and Maths as well as compile a super-nearly-killed-me portfolio for my teacher's registration! But this year the kids were different. They were even cuter, even funnier and even lovelier than the last two classes I've had. Don't get me wrong, I've loved majority of the kids in all my classes, but this year I was able to form special bonds with them all. Their progress has been soooo evident and makes my heart swell that little bit more, knowing I've actually taught them. 

In September I start my Teacher of the Deaf course which is two more years of fun, stress and learning. I'm pretty excited to also be starting my British Sign Language course in September as well! 

Anyhoo, over the last week I've been seeing a lot of Cara as we partake in some sweet sweet London culture, along with Rachey poo as well! 

We've endulged in some pretty choice dance moves at a silent disco on the Southbank and saw some awesome bands play at The Scoop as part of the More London Summer Season!

We've gone to support a fellow co-worker and friend in a hilarious play!

And drunk jugs and jugs of Pimms! 

This weekend, my darling Grandad and Mum arrive from Wellington into Glasgow, and it's only 9 WHOLE SLEEPS until I get to see my Mumma again when she comes down to London!!! 

Our days are filling up fast with seeing family over the country and in London, going to Bath to see the Kaffe Fasset exhibition, going up to Scotland, and me and my Mumma having some quality time together! I've been super lucky since I've moved to London and have seen one or both my parents each year, but with studying and the waiting for a date for my sister's wedding, I don't know when I'll next be back in New Zealand! 

Take care lovely ones!


  1. plus a sweaty day of helping me move :)

  2. This post is making me soooo homesick for London. I loved the summer break and London is so glorious at this time of year. I have the DVD's of Early Doors, so funny. Enjoy your break! xo

  3. It's been a huge year for you - well done on making it through all your big challenges! So hard to believe it's nearly a year since you were here and we were there!!!

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