Thursday, July 31, 2014

That time when the power went out

The other morning, I woke to my housemate faffing around getting ready for work. I couldn't hear the usual grind of the water pump or the shower spraying against the wall; I checked the time on my phone and realised that it wasn't charging. 

The power was out.

This was all fine I thought. The last time it happened, we had just blown a fuse. As I rolled around in bed hoping the fuse would get flicked back on, I get a call from my neighbour asking if our power was out as well. Turns out the whole street was out.

In my half awake, half asleep state, I was trying to figure out what to do. It was now 7.45, I had no intention of getting up this early, let alone be a human and do responsible human things. 

Do I call the power company? Could I even remember who we had our power with? No. So that option went out the window. 

Maybe I'll make a coffee whilst I try to figure out life. No power to heat the kettle. Goodbye potential day-saver option.

Meh, I'll just check Instagram and Facebook on my phone until I figure something out. Phone was nearly flat and I probably should save the battery, just in case.

Oh I know, I can use my laptop to peruse the internet for some day time fun activities. No freaking wifi and a flat laptop battery.

With all my options very quickly going out that wide open window, I went back to sleep. There was basically nothing else I could do that would be productive and enjoyable at now, 8.30 on a Wednesday morning.

The whole point to this, is that it really made me realise how much we take for granted things like electricity. It's a constant in our everyday lives, we don't see it ever, but we sure use a heck of a lot of it. We rely on it to work, rest, play and live in a massive variety of ways. I almost toyed with the idea of embracing the whole "no power thing" and getting creative with ways in which I could spend my day - but I knew it'd be fixed. 

I like that I live in a house with no T.V. We didn't have a microwave for nearly a year and a half and survived just fine. I like it when I go on holiday and there's no wifi to connect to, so you're detached from the world that is social media. I like living what I like to think is a 'simple life', but electricity - I need you! 

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