Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter weekend treats!

During my four days off, I decided to indulge in a little baking...

Delicious coffee gateau, slightly adjusted as the cake sunk in the middle so I couldn't cut it to fill it! So amazingly delicious though!

Scrumptious banana and rhubarb wee tiny muffins! I got this recipe online, doubled it and it made approx 42 muffins! So moist and flavoursome, I loved the sourness of the rhubarb coming through the four bananas that I put in. This was also adapted a tiny bit to make it dairy free, I just substituted the milk for bananas and butter for oil.

The most delicious brownie ever! Mum found this recipe in a food magazine, it's from a cafe in Dunedin. I put Whittakers dark almond chocolate in and skipped out the berries and it turned out perfectly! 

I even got a little creative with the decorating!

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