Thursday, April 21, 2011

Emotional Bus Ride

So after work we went out for a few drinks. I left to get the bus home which was fine. The bus had just gotten on the motorway so I was drifting in and out of awareness whilst staring at the beautiful Petone across the harbour. I looked up at the screen (I was on the airport bus, the flyer) and saw all the departure and arrival times at Wellington airport. Then it all hit to close to home and my eyes started welling up with tears! It was pretty pretty lame! I haven't cried about leaving so far, but I then started thinking about how much I'm going to miss my dog and how I can't take her to the airport with me. And then how much I'm going to miss my parents and sisters, then grandparents, then friends! A few tears escaped and as they were rolling down my flushed cheeks, I calmly recomposed myself and the rest of the journey was very nice, apart from some drunk guy on the bus!

It's going to be a messy few weeks; leaving the wonderful children, parents and teachers at my work, saying final goodbyes to friends, then that dreaded last day in New Zealand. I'm actually regretting getting the flight deal that I got in the end as I don't fly out of Wellington until 8.30pm! It's going to be one long day!!!


  1. Ah Nikki! It will be worth it and you are only ever 24 hours from home!!
    I was nervous and worried about how much I would miss everyone here but you will see soooo many amazing things that time will fly and before you know it you'll be back with them all! xxx

  2. hey babe!

    got your message x yes, i have just the one but you can have it if you like - it's $35 on special + $3 tracked courier. just email me on :)

    annie x