Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!!

Last winter after having a scarf fetish, my fears were what will be my new fetish this winter? As I'm moving into summer (yippee double summer!!) I haven't wanted to mentally approach what it will be. But as I can see the light at the end of the tunnel in the weeks leading up to my departure, I can now reveal that it's going to be shoes. Boots, boots and more boots! I am such a stinge with my money that anything over $50 has to be of high quality and basically not an item of clothing! In the last month, I have bought two pairs of shoes, one was $60 (total bargain, they were $189 initially, down to $120, she gave me 20% off, then the inside of the soles were slightly different so I got it down to $60!!!) 

The other which will make their debut appearance tomorrow night, were $170 down to $116! The second pair were a lot more out of my price range, but I had seen them and kept on thinking and thinking about them so I caved! 

And thirdly, I got given a beautiful pair of shoes that I had seen on someone else, they are totally amazing and gorgeous! Blue metallic (HIGH) wedge shoes, really hard to describe but they are the kind of pair you can drool over and justify never having to wear because they look too nice!

I wore them to a 21st, dreading the pain of not being able to walk the next day, but after a few wines they were a breeze to walk in and my hips and feet were fine the next morning! (apart from when I was walking up my driveway, slipped a little and rolled my ankle :S All was fine tho!) I can't wait to get to London to see how amazing the shopping is!

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