Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Saturday of Loving.

Sometimes it pays to be a dick. Like on Saturday when we were at the tube station; my friend Laura went to take a photo of me and I yelled out "GO NEW ZEALAND!" and this lady behind me was like 'oh yeeeaaahhhh!' and then I talked to her for ages about New Zealand and turns out she's from Eastbourne! 

(it was just before this photo was taken, but the lady in the background with blonde hair was the one who came and talked to me!)

I also love that I met Ladi6 (excuse the photo. It's one of THE worst photos of me ever!)

And I love that I met a cultural Aborigine man (despite him looking like Santa...)

And I love that I wore a purple wig for the better part of the afternoon.

And I love that I got to eat Burger Rings

And I love that I had a super fun time. And super yay for free stuff! 

Edited - not super yay for all my tummy rolls in nearly all of the photos. That diet IS STARTING TOMORROW!

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