Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things I'm Loving!

Play me :)

This week I'm loving...

My new flat. Check out that garden!

All the leaves scattered everywhere.

This fat thing. I've been home so often that I know what time Keith poos, and when he wants feeding. A sure sign that I should get a job!

And I'm loving doing a Friday Photo Dump. I got the idea off Kelle at Enjoying the small things
Basically you just upload all the photos you took on your phone during the week, and dump them all on ya blog! Easy peasy!

I also made a bloggy button for this if you want to grab it, and then someone can tell me how to make it into a linky - that'd be choice! 

Photobucket" width="140" height="140"/>

Linking up with Paisley Jade as per usual :)
p.s-the link won't work :s

<a href="'m%20loving"><img src="" width="160" height="160" alt="button2" /></a>



  1. Loving your loves - and that Friday photo dump idea is rad...perhaps I can have a wee looky at the techie side of it for you later on :-)

    Love your new garden - yay for that! It looks kinda mediterranean - and the cool colours in that leaf. You'll miss Keith I bet!

  2. Loving it.

    We have a cat the looks exactly like yours. My kids called him Shadow.

    Your new garden looks peaceful.

  3. I love that your cat's name is Keith! Made me Lol :D

  4. Just followed you over from Paisley Jade's, love the idea of a photodump!

  5. Keith is so cute!!! Love your list - and thanks for letting me know about the linky code issue - all fixed!

  6. I love your new patio, that garden has some amazing potential.