Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things I'm Loving!

I love this song. So it's going to play whilst you read it...if you click play... :)

♥ Brick Lane ♥

It's so 'alternative' and 'hip' and 'cool'. but I love the art that is EVERYWHERE!

♥ Bargains! ♥

I'm not one to spend loads of money on things, but this was an offer I couldn't refuse. Even on the smallest weekly budget I've ever been on!
3 pashminas for £5!!!!! 

♥ Family and Friends ♥
I had a quarter-life crisis,  and decided I didn't want to teach anymore. My family and friends stepped in with so many encouraging words, it made my heart melt. Being so far away from the people I love the most is hard, and I'm definitely suffering! But still being able to get that encouragement is amazing
Thanks to each and every one of you! xx

♥ Letters 
Loving sending letters! These two special people are getting one this week...once I've sent them!

♥ Food 
My friend Nathalie and I went to the coolest place for lunch today! It was like an American Diner! We had the yummest food! But this week I've also been out for a delicious juice with my new friend Vanessa - thanks to Simone for setting me up with her! And I was also lucky enough to have super amazing delicious mexican food with my other new friend Corrina - thanks to Meg for setting me up with her!

But here's what me and Nat had for lunch today! Yummmmm!

♥ Music ♥

There's always something for the mood. And if you've been reading my last month or two of Things I'm Loving, you'll know that Eliza Doolittle is a big favourite at the moment. Along with Florence and the machine, Anna Coddington, Janis Joplin, Luke Thompson, Joss Stone, Anika Moa, The Killers, Jason Mraz, Gin Wigmore... The list really does go on!
But this afternoon I was listening to good old Robbie Williams and came across this song. It's called One of God's better people.
It's just so nice.

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  1. Oh that sounds like a beauitful week. Glad you have managed to have some treats on a tight budget those make them all the more precious.

  2. Yay for new friends! You can never have too many friends! Also loving spying that mail tee hee!!

  3. Cheers to old fashion letter writing ! Love that too

  4. Love the beautiful colours in those pashminas!

  5. I'm loving those pashminas too! and I am amazed that two of you ate all that food!!!!

  6. Oh yum - that food looks delicious! Such a great list - especially making new friends.

  7. I need to start writing more letters! Thanks for the reminder.

    The food looks fab and great score on the pashminas!

  8. I think its awesome that you still post letters. And new friends and great food, what more could you want :)