Thursday, October 6, 2011

Things I'm Loving!

You know those weeks, where you have to dig deep to find some lovin'? 

Like really deep? 

And then you can appreciate how amazing life is, even though you think it's the worst week ever?

Well it was one of those weeks! So here's my lovin'!

I'm loving this song.. play it!

I'm loving the crisp feel of Autum. It's definitely here - even after the Indian summer that we had last week!

London Fields

Jandals in Autum?? Hells bells yeah!!
I'm loving this cheeky wee squirrel.

I'm loving spending time with my cousins over the last few weeks. It's nice to have a few choice family members here!

And I'm loving this little treat I'm leaving you with.

You should all brace yourselves.

It's pretty choice!


(I found this on my memory stick - it was a photo that my friends put on my 21st photo board...)

Clearly I'm really stoked about wearing a 60's costume to school!

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  1. Oh I would love to go roll in those leaves...they look super crunchy underfoot. And I never tired of seeing those cheeky squirrels in England...they never failed to bring a smile to my dial.

    HOW HILARIOUS is that last pic of you..brilliant :-)

  2. Autumn looks great - such big trees!! I hope you run through the leaves kicking them up?? yes, I do remember that gorgeous outfit, you were not very happy that morning, but Alice was =)

  3. LOVING that last photo :))
    And pretty toes in Autumn leaves
    And YES I've had a week where I had to also dig REALLY deep to find some loving xx

  4. That last pic is the best pic ever!! Good on you for digging deep. Loving your lovings.