Friday, October 28, 2011

Things I'm Loving!

This week I'm loving...

STOCKHOLM!! Such a beautiful, amazing, peaceful, clean city! I could definitely live there!

The sunrise on day 2

Day 2 Stockholm City


Gorgeous toadstill at Skansen
I'm loving Skype. Just had a wonderful chat to my parents!

I'm loving my new winter jersey - 80% wool and a bargain!

Excuse the blurryness and CRAZY eyes!
I'm loving this video on youtube. They also sing a really gorgeous version of a song called 'Home', but I'll let you look that up! The wee girl's expressions in the chorus are sooo precious!

I'm also loving this girl. She was on Britains Got Talent when she was like 6, and now she sounds like this! Here's her young, and here's her now at 11!

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  1. that girl is going to be a star some day - what a great voice! Nice photos of Stockholm =) I love skype too - makes the distance apart almost go away xox

  2. Loving the picture of those autumnal trees and crazy-eyes Nikki. Looking forward to our chat and hearing all about your trip soon!

  3. Stunning pics - even loving your jersey pic (haha!!!)!

  4. Great photos of your trip to Stockholm.
    I loved that little girl on BGT - she was amazing then, and!

  5. LOVE the photos but most of all I LOVE the "Adele" song - that lil girl was too cute - oh and your jumper is darling!

    THANK YOU for the papers which arrived today *YEAH* out of everyone who promised me one - YOU actually came through THANK-YOU xxx

    Guess what - We're coming to London! Me Mr B and the two kidlets!