Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend bliss

After leaving work a bit earlier than I should have on Friday, I was thinking a nice quiet evening in bed with a glass or two or bottle of wine would be splendid.

On the way to work - sun rising.

However, that was not what actually happened.

On the way home - sun setting.

I got home after a call from my flatmate, asking me what fun thing we should get up to that night. We decided on cooking dinner together. And joining the gym.

So we walked to the gym, joined (after a hilarious attempt at telling them we were a lesbian couple so we could get a 'partners' membership which was cheaper; I could not however keep a straight face and kept on laughing. I think they got the hint that we just wanted the cheapest!) and then we were on our merry way to Sainsburys.

After spotting the £3 pumpkins, we thought we both deserved a hilarious night in.

And hilarious it was.

I lugged a 9kg pumpkin around for 45 minutes whilst we swanned through the isles deciding what to get. After 20 or so minutes, we decided on this:

Our meal must contain a food from all 4 festive holidays - Halloween, Christmas, Valentines and Easter. 

Harry, my 9kg babe, chilling out in the fire place. 

Happy Easter!

Merry Christmas!

Pink coloured smarties - happy Valentines day!
Despite me not being able to dairy, I threw that intolerance out the window for the evening and indulged in some much needed dairy goodness. We had loads of fun!

And Saturday night was fun times for all as well! Getting home at 6am was probably not the highlight, however, I don't really mind because it was nice to let my hair down and boogie on down til the wee hours of the morning!

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  1. Hey Nikki I would LOVE it if you could send me the London Metro (the free underground tube paper)
    The London Metro might be really handy ::)) as we are coming over (yup me hubby and 2 kidlets) next year in May - I'm super super excited! LegoLand is calling me :) so is London shopping ::))