Sunday, July 1, 2012

Things I'm Loving!

This week I'm loving...

New Zealand
I've loved being able to teach my kids about where I'm from, teaching them a few Maori phrases, and dressing them up in little Maori outfits made of paper for our school carnival where we paraded around chanting Kia Ora and Morena! (I'm also loving that my class won the soccer tournament and the sports day!)

I had loads of fun playing in a netball tournament on Saturday. I managed to pull my butt muscle in the 1st game, hurt my already bung hip when my leg didn't bend and buckled instead in the 2nd game, and hurt my already bung back in the 3rd - which I was in agony! Nevertheless, I played the 6 games of netball with our team, made some new friends, and our team came 6th! And we got some super choice and delicious treats in our grab bag!

Bike rides
I love cycling along Regents Canal. It's so beautiful and such a peaceful ride. I especially love seeing these two swans just chilling out.

I bought 3 orchid plants for £10 from Columbia Rd Flower Market last weekend. They're beautiful and really brighten up my room!

I love the pattern on my new maxi skirt. It's not my usual colour pallet, I generally go for something a bit brighter, but it's long and flowy and makes me feel like a hippy.

Last year I came across this amazing piano just sitting on The Thames. Last week I came across another piano. I like last years one better, but it was still awesome to see another one! And I realised it's for the celebrate London month!

I go to Whitechapel station nearly every day. I have never seen/looked at this sign before, but when I did yesterday, I noticed this spelling error! You can hardly see it, but they have spelt Whitechapel Rd wrong! Bummer!

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  1. Love all that Kiwiana fare - and that piano is cool as! Still like your other piano pic the best though - that really was the photo op of a lifetime xx