Sunday, July 15, 2012

Things I'm Loving!

The last few weeks I've been loving...

Not quite the kind of BBQ I'm used to, but I can't complain!

Going out for drinks with girlies from work!

Necklaces that kids have made me

Leaving presents
I was luckily enough to be inundated with gifts from the kids at work during my last week. There was a weird great mix of gifts, including this great card.

Great treats from my birthland!

Trying to take a photo of a sign out the window of a bus, but instead capturing a great shot like this one!

Great finds
Finding Vogels bread in Budgens!

Enjoying the morning sun with Keith!

Going to Hampstead Heath and drinking a G & T at the top of the hill

Linking up with Meg cos that's where all the cool kids go

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  1. Loving your rainy window shot - and finding vogels - bet you squealed in excitement!