Monday, September 2, 2013

Airport Ramblings

So I wrote this whist waiting an awful four hours at Brisbane airport, and I've only just had the chance to post! 

Being back home was pretty darn choice, but it’s somewhere where I don’t think I can settle back in for a while yet. I’m definitely loving the ‘carefree, no limits, freedom’ aspect of life at the moment and I can honestly say that probably the only thing holding me in London at the moment is my job. Until that changes, which I hope won’t happen for a wee while, then I’m a London girl. I’ll always be a Kiwi girl at heart, but right now at this point in my life, my life is mainly in London.

Seeing my friends and family was my favourite bit, closely followed with being so close to nature. My younger cousin (who’s 14) laughed at this big time, saying “nature, what? That’s everywhere”. It sure is, but not in the pure form like it is in New Zealand. Even when I was up in Auckland with Simone, we were still immersed in it. I don’t think it really matters where you are in New Zealand, there’s always an aspect; the beach, a river, forests, nature walks, plants, farms, animals – it’s all nature. Then again, it does make you find nature in London or elsewhere.

What I loved most about catching up with friends was that it was mainly like how it was two and a half or more years ago. Especially with Tara and Meg, it was like we had only been apart for a month if not days! It really shows what true friendships are like and I treasure that with all my heart. I would probably give anything to have those special people with me all of the time. But alas, that’s life. We move on, we move countries, sometimes to the other side of the world, and it’s that that makes coming home so special. There’s some cheesy quote about friendships and how you don’t have to be by each other’s sides for the friendship to still be filled with truth and love, which has totally escaped my mind. But that quote – it might be cheesy, but it’s true.

You know the saying, home is where the heart is, defs true for New Zealand. But home is where the rump rests (thanks pumba) is equally true. I haven’t completely got the travel bug where I have itchy feet and have to go on holiday every month, but I have done my fair bit of travelling. These next few years are going to explode with travelling now that my big trip home has happened, I can save for some other exciting adventures.

Total change of subject, this kid just pointed and said super loudly “oh my god mum, there’s that creepy guy again!!” and pointed at this poor lonely old guy eating his sandwich by himself. It reminded me of the when we were on the crocodile bikes and a couple were in front of us who hadn’t noticed a family on an enormous bike , who also happened to have a silly little Chihuahua dog as well, who also weren’t getting out of the way, which resulted me in saying a bit too loudly under my breath something like “oh man, that lady with the rat on a lead should probably move outta the way!” and Noah kindly said in a kind loud voice, “Nikki that’s not a rat, it’s a dog!” *insert cringe, a slight blush, and a huge rush of ridiculously loud laughter*

Right, back to my heart-felt blogging and I’ve completely lost track of where I was going, and this mind-train has definitely crashed! More importantly, the amount of dairy free food (snacks included) at airports is completely non-existent unless you’re after ready salted or salt and vinegar chips or salted peanuts and spending RIDICULOUS amounts of currency for them. Coming from someone who forgot to prepare and bring her own snacks (apart from fruitbursts and minties) or tell the airlines that I needed a ‘special’ meal, I’m totally starving after my lunch at Wellington airport consisted of an overpriced ($7!!!) fruit salad and a coffee and my first plane meal was a bread roll and a little bit of chicken as the mashed potatoes and veges were laced with butter, and going by the reaction of my belly, there was either dairy in the chicken or milk solids in the bread. I’m living the dream over here!!!  I’m off to find some food which will probably be chippies and buy an expensive bottle of water which I’ll have to throw out anyway because plane people are lame and cross my fingers Singapore Airlines does a much better job of their meals than Virgin!

And because you can't have a post without any photos, here's one of my dog.

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  1. That comment was pretty funny....I nearly died! But I don't think they heard us xx