Monday, September 30, 2013

Things I'm Loving!

The last wee while I've been loving...

I finally finished my crocheted slippers that I started on my journey back from New Zealand! 

Diet changes
I'm recently a 'gluten-freer' and I've been loving the challenges and results of it! 

Delicious dinners...

Delicious lunches...

and delicious breakfasts!

Water beads!
I can't get enough of these! I'd happily take sit in a bath full of these (togs on of course, so they don't slip up anywhere unwanted!)

They're simply magical! I bought 50 packs of them for £5 for a sensory activity for my kids at work and they've been going down a right ol' treat - even with the year 6 kids!

Once the water has been added, it's a pretty quick process to see get going. Keep on adding the water and they'll keep on getting bigger, until they get to about the size of a marble! 

Linking up with a super choice babe who I'm soooooo excited to see in a few weeks!!!!


  1. Loving the gluten-free gal! And BTW it doesn't matter if you don't wear togs - been there done it and no casualties :-p

  2. Water beads are really cool....and those meals look delicious. xxx