Sunday, September 1, 2013

Things I'm Loving - NZ Favourites

Well, I have officially ended my five and a half week holiday in New Zealand and am back in sunny London! Time went super quick and I'm a bit sad that I'm back to work on Monday!

However, I have the memories to last a lifetime of such an amazing trip! I met some pretty awesome people, caught up with my pretty awesome friends and family and had a pretty awesome time.

So, without further ado, here are my top favourite moments!

Going to visit my Mum's friend on her farm in Featherston

Getting to meet two amazing ladies. Cat and Simone, who's blogs I've been following since forever!

Spending my days with these two gorgeous animals!

Spending so much time with this amazing lady and her family. They really are choice! sorry Markie, there were no photos of us - but you are still choice!

Being so close to nature's own special beauty

Hanging out with these hooligans aka Ma and Pa

And these other hooligans, who are not my parents..

It was such a fun holiday, there's way to memories to have a blog post full of 'just the favourites' so that's all my jet lagged brain can muster up! Check out my previous posts for more fun adventures in New Zealand!

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  1. Choice photos and great memories xxx

  2. Loving your new header - it looks SUPERB - loving having been able to be such a big part of the wonderful memories you made. Roll on October I say xx