Saturday, September 14, 2013

Things I'm Loving!

This week I'm loving...

Being more 'Londony'
Last weekend my friend Cara and I went for a walk along the South Bank and decided that we both should do more things around London. 

This week a friend from work asked if we wanted to go see Sky Fall at The Scoop near Tower Bridge. It's an outdoor amphitheater, which in itself is awesome, however the rain played a big part in us leaving half way through! 

Popcorn was consumed quickly before we were soaked through and headed to the pub to warm up!

Bright things
I bought these tights for my Pikachu Halloween costume a few years ago and they haven't been worn since. As I was searching through my draw, I came across them and thought they'd be perfect for the grey day we were having! I love having a 'pop' of colour, so these were perfect! 

Are you having a giraffe?
There's giraffes scattered all over The Thames walkway at the moment. A year or so ago it was massive gorillas, some pianos and short-stay art installations. They're for a campaign called Stand Tall which is part of Colchester Zoo's 50th anniversary. They're pretty awesome and each are so different! 

Spicing it up
I made a new header for my blog which you should all probably check out, it's pretty choice! 
I used this fantastic and easy to follow tutorial from Meg and voila! 

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