Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Being in the most beautiful place followed by a panic!

Apologies for no photos on this blog post - I didn't bring my camera cord with me. Along with other important things.. Story of my life...

Apart from being the worlds worst packer and forgetting necessary things like my phone charger, conditioner, my hair brush (not that I really brush my hair anyway!) and my tooth brush charger, I have been having such a wonderful time in Devon. Note: I had to do a mad-rush-load-of-washing, because I didn't think ahead in time and had no clean undies to take on my trip. I'm 21, and I think I still need my Mum to make lists for me ha ha!

I'm staying with my mum's cousin (maybe my 2nd cousin... couldn't work it out!) and they live out in the middle of no where. The walls are too thick for me to get internet signal on my phone. Oh, did I mention they live in the most gorgeous 400 year old converted barn? Well they do!

I've seen parts of London that I NEVER would've seen. Three quaint, beautiful, picturesk *sp* SMALL towns all in one day has been the biggest treat ever! The sea air has gone to my head big time! The sun shone, the clouds shone, but it was warm and enjoyable.

I have taken over 200 photos in my 24 hours of being here. Loads from Exeter cathedral. It is SO BEAUTIFUL! I love photographing old buildings and stain glass windows so I was in my element big time here! 

I'm going to do a quick upload before I go to Portugal, yes - I'm still rubbing it in!, so you can see the beauty that I've been able to live in for 3 days! I'm going to see my Great Aunty Nell tomorrow (wednesday). I am sooo excited! I've heard of her my whole entire life but never met her, as she lives in England! So tomorrow's my chance to show off her sister's (my Nanna) wonderful grandaughter ha ha! More on being wonderful in a post coming up soon!

But about the panic bit in my blog title - I checked google reader, I have 13 blogs to read in the space of 5 minutes. How am I going to get this done? How will I stay in touch with these virtual friends that I've made? I figured out the solution. I'm going to blog about not reading them, not read them until I have more time, and then I'll forget and have a BIG surprise on Thursday. This will make me late for my cousin's 30th birthday drinks, but I'm not concerned at the moment. Maybe this is my brain telling me that I've gotten too in to my blogging? Na, that can NEVER happen... Ay guys??

watch this space for beauty-ful-ness :)

I found an SD card slot - pity all my photos are on my SLR. Here's the one I have of the house off my point and shoot!

This photo DOESN'T DO IT JUSTICE!!!!


  1. Sounds like a fab time away so far...and just what you needed! LOL at your disorganization!

  2. you would forget your head if it wasnt screwed on!! its ok, "daisyitis" runs in the family!! see ya tonight/this morning on skype :)

  3. Packing problems...sounds a bit like Soph!!!
    Great that you are catching up with the everyone...Wasn't great to meet Nell - who never misses sending birthday and Christmas cards - so wonderful.