Thursday, July 21, 2011

A few portugal photos!

What more could one want : 

  • Going to Porto
  • Spending 5 days with friends and family
  • Eating delicious food 
  • Dabbling in a little port here and there
  • Drinking copious amounts of alcohol
  • Laughing
  • Taking 761 photos on my SLR

The moon on our first night

Some sweet trickery - the view out of our 15 story high apartment

More views

Some buildings

Thought I'd throw one of me in there for a laugh

An old Portuguese woman. Please note, I didn't take this directly of her, I made it look less stalkerish!

Cool building

Down by the river

The choice camouflage pollution trees! They're magical!

There were loads of abandoned buildings like these; the shell was amazing and it was filled with rubble
Down by the river

Some cute wee tiles

A washing line
Oh there's me again. This was at a choice as bar where you could lie down in the sun with your beers!

More trickery. It's really easy to do, you just turn the lens as you take the photo!

Love this graffiti!

Nice light in the afternoon out of our window

The view downwards!
View from the top of one of the bridges - it was soooo high!

More ruins. There were so many places that had been abandoned and literally left to crumble!
The sun set on our way back to London!


  1. These pics are AWESOME! I wanna go! Love the ones of you too - especially the lying in the sun one - looks soooooo relaxing. Loving that new technique with the distortion of the lens too!

  2. The bar photo could catch on..