Friday, July 29, 2011

The last 24 hours...

In the last 24 hours I have...

 Eaten at a French restaurant that had a candle.

 Seen a WW II artillery

Saw a bomb that the Germans used to bomb London.

Went to an exhibition that was really cool

  Laughed out loud at this.. he he.. It is very practical advice!

Had Mr Goat smile at me!

Saw one of the worlds ugliest creatures. The poor Turkeys. At least they taste nice!

I got honked at by some geese

I saw a very funny rooster! Check out the feathers on his feet! 

And I saw these duckies having a great time with their bottoms up!

The photos are from Vauxhill City Farm and the Imperial War Museum. Chur.


  1. a very interesting 24 hours indeed!

  2. Loved the one about Planning Ahead. Nana would probably remember some of those posters.