Friday, July 22, 2011

Random Reminiscing - mainly from the 90s!

Whilst talking with my younger sister on Facebook the other morning, we got chatting about the cartoons we used to watch. Back then it was only Cartoon Network - none of this Disney Channel and Nickelodeon business. Although, they were a hit when we got them on Saturn! 

So I decided to youtube some of the traliers of these favourite shows that we had. And now, being 21 and more wise and mature (ha ha!) I cannot understand what was so appealing! But in saying that, they are still better than some of the crap that is on TV these days! 

First is Cow and Chicken - odd concept, yet the idea of parents with no upper bodies having pets as their children seemed to be highly intriguing. I can still remember the jingle now! 

Second is Johnny Bravo. I don't really have anything to say about this show apart from that is seems somewhat inappropriate for children!

Thirdly is I am Weasel. I think we just thought it was funny because I.R Baboon had his bum showing all the time!

Fourthly is Ed Edd and Eddy. They used to eat massive gobstoppers, so we used to buy big gobstoppers. Great role models.

And finally, Dexters Lab. Every episode had Dee Dee pushing the button and blowing something up or ruining one of Dexter's inventions. And her iconic phrase of "What does this button doooooo?" 

But speaking from reminiscing, it has got me thinking. *uh oh*

Tamagotchis. Virtual pets that had batteries that lasted years and years. You'd get woken up at 3am by that annoying beeping because they would've pooed or needed feeding. 

Slap wrist bands. I remember having a furry one with a cat's head on it.

Trolls. I know these aren't strictly 90s, but I remember having these two exact ones. And my sister Alice and a big one with bright orange hair that you could press it's tummy and it's laugh. Until it got stuck and Dad threw it out in the rain because there was no way of stopping the noise! We got it back once the battery had died!

What do you remember from your childhood that is totally different from today?

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  1. I watched johnny bravo and dexter's lab a few times with my boys who are teens now. I thought both those shows were quite funny!