Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things I'm Loving!

Play this before you start reading - it adds a nice little touch :) 

Favourite artist with favourite song - enjoy!

♥ I'm loving receiving letters in the mail! My great aunty Nell is such a dear, and often writes! She'll answer and have your letter posted the day she receives your one to her! So feel free to write me letters people :) 

♥ I love the book I just finished - Heaven is for real. Despite my beliefs, I found it so intriguing, beautiful, emotional and down right amazing! Thanks Meghan for it :) 

♥ This week I've been loving being away. In a tiny incy wincy little village called Quoditch, which is in Ashwater, which is in Devon! 

♥ I've loved being in the middle of no where. The relaxing environment, fresh country air, the company

♥ I loved meeting family for the first time. The kind of family that you hear about all of your life, but never meet until to venture to their side of the world. 

♥ I loved the photo opportunities I've had which you can see here and here.  

♥ I love being crafty! Knitting and crocheting are so much fun! So is the collection of things I'm accumulating - wool, knitting needles, crochet hooks, samples of my work when I think I know what I'm doing! Ha ha. 

♥ I loved the music that I listened to on the 3 hour train trip back to London. It consisted of Anna Coddington, Hootie and the Blowfish, Paulo Nutini, and then I put on a compilation called 'old school mix' that I made when I was about 15. The songs were hilarious! I let out a giggle each time a new one came on - can't believe that some of them were my favourites! Admittedly, there are a few of them that still are! 

These photos are all more of my favourites from my trip!  

There are a lot of nature shots, but it's so beautiful that I can't resist! I think I could make a photo garden with all the shots I've got of flowers!

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  1. Nice flowers and beautiful village - I want to go there =)

  2. Beautiful shots! Love the song playing while reading your list and love the sound of real letters in the mail and that amazing book. xoxo

  3. Oh, so, so beautiful! LOVED your photographs and post. I adore Devon so much.

  4. Wow you've had a fantastic time, all this goodness, lucky girl, love Posie

  5. Beautiful pics and so glad you enjoyed the book. I think the poppy (is it a poppy) pic is my fav! Have fun in Portugal and take lots of pics - ha ha as if you wouldn't!